Philips Hue Lightstrips Just Got Better With Pure White Light

Hue Lightstrips by Philips were anticipated by lovers of ambilight stripes. The planned idea of a lightstrip that rotates cycles of changing colored LED lights was a great idea that had potential to be utilized in many ways, both indoors and outdoors. Unfortunately, everything didn’t go as planned.

One of the problems was that the lightstrip couldn’t produce just white light, and people would just turn them off if they weren’t in the mood for a multi-light show. Fortunately, Philips cares about its products and the consumers who buy them and upgraded their strips. Now, the lightstrips can display only white light if you want along with all the other colors.

Instead of just the two meter length the original came with, now there are eight meter extensions available. The next generation lightstrips are much brighter as well, they boast an impressive 1,600 lumens. When compared to the whopping 120 lumens of the original… there is really no comparison.

Conclusion – Philips has made-good on their promise of providing their customers with the best products, they took a bad executed good plan and fix it right – the Lightstrip Plus.

Hue-Lightstrip-Plus_dinner-yellow-1280x853Hue-Lightstrip-Plus_dinner-pink-1280x853Hue-Lightstrip-Plus_dinner-cool-white-1280x853Philips Hue-Lightstrip-Plus_hallway-1-1280x853Philips Hue-Lightstrip-Plus_kitchen-white-1280x853Hue-Lightstrip-Plus_bathroom-682x1024Hue-Lightstrip-Plus_orange

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