Phantom Keystroker Computer Prank Gives Pranksters a New Threat…You!

Sick and tired of being pranked by your jokester friends? Too timid to get on Scare Tactics? You don’t have to be movie star beautiful to get back. Don’t get mad, get even. After all, revenge is a dish best serve cold.ThinkGeek’s got a simple solution that’ll drive your mischievous friends crazy with their Phantom Keystroker V2. Plug in this evil USB into the most notorious pranker’s computer to get started. This maniacal device will make your prey’s computer glitch out temporarily by making random mouse movements, messing with the caps lock, and typing out strange text and phrases.

Whether you’ve just had enough of the endless tricks made on you or you simply need to up your game, give those pranksters a new threat…You!

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