Petzi Treat Cam Dispenses Treats Remotely With Your Smartphone While You Watch

If you have a pet dog or cat, and you need to leave them alone while you head off to work, then you must certainly worry about them when your gone all day. Most pet owners would jump through a hoop to be able to check-up on their little loved ones while their away, and now you can, with Petzi Treat Cam.

The cam has a wide-angle lens to let you see the area around your pet when you call him using a smartphone or tablet. You can see your pet, speak with your, and give your pet snacks via a food launching mechanism that spits out their favorite food, at just a push of a button using an app.

Being able to see your pet’s face anytime, anywhere, just to say ‘hi’, and to give them a treat, is worth the price of the Petzi.








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Ever wondered what your pet does at home while you’re away?

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