Petcube Camera Lets You Play With Your Pets When Away From Home

It’s true, pets are like people, they have feelings too and when their human parents are away they get lonely and bored. People who truly love their pets are concerned about their little loved one’s when away from home. In fact, friends and family are usually conscripted into the job of pet babysitters when pet parents need to be away from home.

If you have a little furry bundle of joy, like a cat or dog, and you want to keep an eye on them while your at work, out with friends, or just running down to the store, then the Petcube is made for you.

Not only can you see and hear your pet, and they can hear your voice, you can also play with them! The cube has a little laser light you can control, and you can shine the laser anywhere around the room in front of the camera. Cat’s and dogs love to chase it, and while hearing your voice at the same time, your pet will feel like you are actually in the room with them.

Using the Petcube App and access to WiFi, you can also record videos and share it with your friends, all from your smartphone or tablet. No more leaving spot or fluffy home alone, now you can stay in constant contact with the ones you love, your pets.


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Your pet will never be left alone again

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