Perfect Aim Pokemon Go Case Makes Child’s Play Out Of Perfect Throws

Etsy’s Lameris Jewelry has given some thought to one of the nuanced element of Pokemon Go that separates the Trainers from the Masters: if you aren’t striving to precisely dial in your Pokeball throws for flawless aim, you’re throwing away valuable XP with every toss.

Never fear, the Perfect Aim Pokemon Go Case is here to set your straight. This 3D-printed case designed and printed by Shapeways could make sloppy lobs a thing of the past, thanks to its perfectly measured distance indicators that snap quickly and easily into place over your phone’s screen. Swiping within the oblong “sights” and using the markers to gauge how hard to throw to capture various Pokemon virtually guarantees a “Great” or “Excellent” throw worth up to double the XP.

The Perfect Aim Pokemon Go Case is the perfect hack for leveling up faster through simply fine-tuning Pokeball physics. In addition to the “standard” design specially measured for the iPhone 6/6s, choose from models built to fit the iPhone 5/6se/6s Plus or the Samsung Galaxy S7. Please allow up to one week for printing prior to shipping.

Pokemon Go Case (3)Pokemon Go Case (4)Pokemon Go Case (5)

8 Total Score
Throw straight Pokeballs to earn you extra XP

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