PERES e-nose FOODsniffer Detects Rotten Food Before Its Too Late

FOODsniffer is the world’s first ‘electronic nose’. While it can’t replace your real nose aesthetically (you’ll look a little odd walking around with it on your face) it can certainly do the same job as far as sniffing things is concerned.

peres app

By using FOODsniffer you can check the quality of meat, poultry fish and more to make sure it’s not gone off and that it’s still good to eat. In short this could help you to avoid food poisoning and can make sure that you’re only providing the very highest quality meats and other foods to your friends and family. We could only wonder what would happen if we tried it on liquid ass. It would probably explode.

Better yet, it could be incredibly helpful for those with anosmia. This is a condition where you can’t smell, for which there can be a number of potential causes. This can actually make doing everyday things – like checking if the milk is still good – surprisingly difficult. In such scenarios, having a ‘digital nose’ could actually come in very useful!


But the real question… can it help you to identify who ‘dealt it’ when you’re in a lift and someone lets one go? Unfortunately it may not quite be up to that yet but it could maybe let you know if someone’s been eating rotten eggs…

Source – FoodSniffer / Indegogo

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