Pepperoni Pizza Corvette Is A Tasty Looking Car

Pepperoni Pizza Corvette is the Perfect Blend of Car and Pizza

Love cars?

Also love pepperoni pizzas?

Doesn’t everyone?

If you answered yes to those questions then you’ll be jealous of PizzaMan Dan. Dan is the owner of a pizza chain (of the same name as it happens) and has converted his Corvette with an impressive full-body decal featuring a pepperoni topping. Imagine seeing this pull up outside your house after you ordered pizza! When he leaves, you’ll be dreaming of pizza when you sleep or laying on a slice of pizza at the beach.

Surely he missed a trick though: how about pizza wheel covers?

Not a fan of pepperoni? Unfortunately he doesn’t have a fleet of vehicles for each topping yet…

If you could have any pizza car combo what would it be?

Pepperoni Pizza Car

Source – FoodDiggity

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