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Peanut Butter And Jam Bourbon Gives Our Childhoods Favorite Food A Buzz-On

Historically, only one thing in all this world makes our golden childhood memories glimmer all the more brightly: sweet, wonderful bourbon.

Ah, but Peanut Butter And Jam Old-Fashioned Bourbon has a very special way with churning those warm, fuzzy nostalgic feels: this rich and flavorsome East London-distilled spirit’s endearing raspberry notes come before a satisfying peanut butter finish topped with hints of Himalayan rock salt and not a crust in sight. It’s a smooth comfort-food sandwich with a 36% ABV kick.

Just to lend the world’s finest PB&J tasting experience an added dash of class, your Peanut Butter And Jam Old-Fashioned Bourbon arrives in hand-labeled bottle corked and finally sealed with an aromatic raspberry-scented wax. It’s the cocktail childhood was made for.

(NOTE: Whoa, there, li’l shavers. Neither UNIQUE HUNTERS nor FIREBOX endorses the sale or consumption of alcohol to anyone beneath the legal age – that’s 18 in the UK and a number of other countries and 21 here in the United States. Also, we urge all our customers to always drink responsibly. That means knowing when to cut off and never, EVER, under any circumstance whatsoever driving while impaired. If you can afford Peanut Butter And Jam Old-Fashioned Bourbon, you can afford bus fare, a cab, or Uber.)



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Even better than the legendary sandwich

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