Peabody Faux Boxwood Garden Peeing Dog Lifts Leg, Marks Your Home With Charm

The Peabody Faux Boxwood Garden Dog from Grandin Road is the essential topiary for the landscaping artisan who can only take manicuring one’s greenery so seriously for so long.

This realistic imposter canine made quite the splash recently on NBC’s “The Today Show” with its lush and lifelike silhouette made to charm and fetch one smile after another anywhere this playful verdant companion chooses to mark its territory. Its all-weather leaves and sturdy wire frame require absolutely no water or grooming to imitate even the most minuscule details of healthy, natural boxwood season after season with no hassle or mess.

Who needs all that ornate grace of traditional lawn sculpture? You were never really the cherubs-and-elephants type, anyway. You never need a master gardener to prune a shrubbery into some handsomely shapely majestic beast when you can simply pick up Peabody and let him tinkle somewhere else. Allow him to wander into your neighbors’ yard to send a message by hosing down the plastic Santa Claus statues that have somehow overstayed their welcome deep into July.

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