Passback Football Is Your Solo Football Practice Partner

Football, obviously, is a game of team coordination. No matter how many passes you chuck through tires, the ideal drills for sharpening fundamental gridiron skills pretty much insist on a partner to replicate what really goes down on the field. The Pro Passback ensures that your practice won’t suffer in the offseason for want of a coach, teammate, parent or friend to lend a hand.

The Pro Passback is your basic training football with one obvious, important exception: it has only one pointed end. The other is shaped somewhat more like a basketball so that, when thrown at a flat hard surface, it bounces right back. Quarterbacks can throw pass after pass at targets without mechanical drills turning into impromptu cardio sessions spent chasing down errant balls. Receivers, linebackers, defensive backs and linemen can hone their hand-eye coordination and reactions to the ball as effectively as they would hawking balls chucked their way by partners.

If you have a wall, you have a place to dial in your passing and catching.

In addition to the adult-sized Pro Passback, parents and coaches can also pick up smaller models sized respectively for 9-13 year olds and 5-8 year olds.

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