Parrot Disco Giant Drone Is A Plane That Flies At 50 MPH

Drones have reached the skies above America, and there are many shapes, styles and brands, but there is one drone getting much attention of late, one that is being publicly revealed that is made for speed – the Parrot Disco, a giant drone that measure a meter across. Yeah, it’s smaller than the drones used by the military, but it is packing some impressive recording equipment non-the-less.

A quick cam with stabilizer that captures 14 Mpx of video images is mounted up front, the Parrot Disco weighs only 1.5 pounds, which is an impressive accomplishment for a drone this size. It’s lightweight frame is constructed of a plastic carbon composite, which is reinforced with foam, and it can travel up to 50 mph.

That is pretty fast, too fast for an operator on the ground to control by themselves. That is why you only need to throw the Disco into the air, and then it’s on-board sensors engage, such as the GPS Pitot speed sensor, gyroscope, barometer and magnetometer sync up and take over flight controls, leaving the operator to control the Parrot Disco with the Freeflight app.

The giant drone is easy to use, sleek, fast, has a high-quality on-board camera and can stay cruising at 50 Mph for up to 45 minutes.

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Source – Parrot via Gizmodo

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