Pantelligent Intelligent Frying Pan Connects To Your Phone So You Can Cook Better

If you like to cook, but cooking doesn’t like you, then you need Pantelligent to give you a helping hand, to get things right. Most people who struggle with cooking do not know how to determine if the frying pan temperature is hot enough, or have difficulty knowing when food is done cooking, which is ‘a lot’ of people.

Well, now there is a smart frying pan that will hold your hand through the whole process to make sure you get things right, so you can produce food like a chef. The pan has a high-tech heat sensor embedded into it that syncs with an app on your smartphone or tablet. It monitors the heat and cooking time, the two most important aspects of cooking where aspiring chefs have difficulty getting it right.

With a long list of recipes to choose from, Pantelligent will guide you with its app every step of the way and get you headed in the direction of becoming the best cook you can be. If the heat is too hot, for too long, the app will let know about it, so you can make adjustments. It really makes you feel like someone is helping you in the kitchen to cook.

Your family and friends will be amazed by your new cooking skills, just don’t tell them the secret of your culinary success.

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