Panasonic Folding Under-Desk Heater Keeps You Cozy While Working At Your Office

It can get cold sitting at a desk all day, especially during the winter months, and without thick thermal clothing it can become extremely uncomfortable. In fact, whether you are sitting at a work desk, or doing schoolwork at a table at home, the ability to completely focus is impossible when you are cold.

That is why portable floor heaters are very popular, unfortunately, these are not allowed in most businesses. The reason for this is obvious, typical heaters are potential fire hazards because these have an open heating element. Not only that, but traditional portable heaters also use a lot of electricity.

The Panasonic Under Desk Heater is safe to use anywhere because it does not have exposed heating elements, and do use much electricity. Instead, it is designed for close proximity use, and is equipped with heat pads that radiate heat instead of heat generated by hot rods, like traditional heaters.

One of the best things about this under the desk heater is that it folds up, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go, and makes it easy to stow out-of-the-way when not being used to keep you warm.

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Toasty and warm despite the bosses frigid thermostat settings

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