PAC-MAN LED Desk Clock Gobbles Ghosts In Retro Time

On May 22, 1980 in Tokyo, legendary Namco developers Toru Iwatani and Shigeo Funaki gave birth to a quirky video game icon-to-be named “Pakku-Man.” Nothing could have prepared them at the time for it, of course, but their little round dot-gobbling quarter cannibal would eventually alter the face of nerd culture as we know it.

There was just this one detail that needed ironing out. You know what? There’s a better man than us who can explain this. Take it away, Scott.

Cheers, Pilgrim. If your life had a face, we would punch it.

There’s no bad time to celebrate this colorful, universally recognizable hungry, hungry hero’s legacy and this PAC-MAN Premium LED Desk Clock designed by celebrated Raw Thrills indie developer Eugene Jarvis knows it. Created as a tribute to Iwatani and Funaki to honor PAC-MAN’s 35th anniversary in 2015, this rare handmade piece identically replicates the large-format display of “PAC-MAN Chomp Mania” inside a stylish low-profile shell with a compact Jumbotron LED matrix behind an optical-grade polycarbonate cover. As an additional plus, this downsized PAC-MAN Premium LED Desk Clock has a far smaller footprint than its predecessor with a comparably bright, vivid display that evokes the original arcade classic’s resolution inside a more tastefully modern body.

Trust us, passing the hours doesn’t get much more enjoyable than when an array of 512 full-color LEDs display the time while periodically adding pixel-perfect authentic animations of PAC-MAN and the persistently pursuing ghosts.

Wakka-wakka, friend. Wakka-wakka forever.

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