Oxboard Personal Transporter Gives You The Speed of Paul Blart’s Segway

Too cool for Roller Skate shoes? Want to traverse the world without the unintended reference to Paul Blart, the mall cop who’s notorious for his clumsiness on those dorky Segway’s? Don’t hang your head down in shame, because you’ll be rolling down the sidewalk with the ease of a skateboard minus the needed propulsion.

Developed by a Dutch company, the Oxboard takes that clunky Segway, gets rid of the stupid armrests, and gives it a portable touch for those of you who can still maintain your equilibrium. This new device basically looks like someone took a Segway and cut off the top portion of it. It has two wheels on the outside of a central board and is compact while maintaining a light weight of 25 lbs.

There have been other personal transporters such as the powerboard and gyroboard that we’ve reviewed before, and this one looks just as easy to use. Simply lean forward to go, lean back to halt, and lean on the side to execute turns. Sure, this baby will take a lot of practice to master, but you’ll be looking cooler than Bart Simpson as you pass those mall cops by in style.

OXBOARDS Personal Transporter 2 OXBOARDS Personal Transporter 1 OXBOARDS Personal Transporter 5 OXBOARDS Personal Transporter 4

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