OWC Drive Dock Gives Instant Access To Hard Drives For Sharing & Streaming Content

As computer programs become more sophisticated there is a greater need for more storage space. And, although computer hard drives are coming with more and more storage space, it just isn’t enough to accommodate the needs of video and sound recording artist, or anyone whose activities demand more memory, especially those who use laptops.

Because of this, people have turned to external hard drives to meet their memory storage needs. But having to hot-swap drives becomes a hassle, much in the same way people had to juggle multiple USBs among only one USB port, until the invention of USB docking hubs that could handle multiple USBs at one time.

That is exactly what the OWC Drive Dock does, it allows you to use multiple external hard drives without the hassle of having to swap or change them when needed, when information is needed. Now, hot-swapping is effortless, there are two drive bays that can accommodate 2.5” drives and 3.5” drives, simultaneously!

For large companies that are seeking workflow solutions for sharing video and audio content, the answer is right here – the OWC Drive Dock.





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Hot-Swapping Has Never Been Easier

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