Outdoor Heated Table Makes Perfect Picnic Weather Anywhere, Any Time

We human beings are sometimes no different from our pets, especially when it comes to the “inside or outside” quandary. Once we get a few feet outside our patio or front doors and linger for a while, we’re just too damn cold and want to get inside. About half an hour later, that just-right chill in the air sounds better and better.

Step outside. Hang out. Get cold. Inside. Repeat.

The AZ Patio Indoor/Outdoor Electric Table Heater is your happy-medium quell for craving the fresh air but also really digging some cozy warmth on a crisp fall or early-winter night.

This 42″-tall pub table holds something that should really come standard with every piece of outdoor furniture: its own build-in electric heater. Once the 1,500-watt system warms up, the 24″-diameter handsome stainless-steel tabletop heats up to 1,000 square feet around it. Buy and set up two or three for a cozy little oasis of comfy warmth inside or out.

Includes an 8′ power cord.
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