Otter Tape Dispenser is Otterly Perfect

In real life, otters don’t give you sass like Daxter. They definitely won’t carry a high-tech gun around and blast the crap out of everything they see. In reality, otters are not quite so talkative. This threatened species has been hunted for centuries due to their dense fur and nearly went extinct when hunters wanted to make hats and belts outta them.

You probably won’t see them unless you live around California or Japan, but there’s always other ways to get what you want. Streamline is bringing furry cuteness into your cubicle or home office. This otter may not hold your hand, but it’ll hold that standard roll of tape for ya.

Pretty otterly perfect, non? Don’t put up with otter nonsense from boring old office supplies. You otter try this instead. Ok… enough with the puns. Lets look an otter post. Sigh.Otter Tape Dispenser (4)Otter Tape Dispenser (1)Otter Tape Dispenser (3)


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