Oscar Meyer RC Weinermobile Lets You Be The Top Dog Of RC Racing

Screw being an Oscar Meyer weiner. Nobody wants to be a meet casing brimming with parts of a pig that someone, somewhere, once would’ve bet had no practical human use.

We just want to drive the Weinermobile. C’mon, guys. Just hand over the keys and we promise we will not cross our fingers when we swear we have no intention of outfitting the hot-dog hot rod with artillery that would make Mad Max back away slowly.

Seriously. Pinky-swear. OK, can we at least have the RC Weinermobile? If our cats are so terrified of cucumbers, imagine their horror at a phallic avatar that actually gives chase.

If you’d like to get in on this RC morsel of Americana, keep watching the  Oscar Mayer’s Twitter account . The RC Weinermobile will be available in small batches of limited numbers, but the pork purveyors will be tweeting spontaneous “buy now” links until Dec. 4 for opportunistic online holiday shoppers.eOscar-Meyer-RC-Weinermobile-1Oscar-Meyer-RC-Weinermobile-3

Source – Gizmodo

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