Oscar Mayer Weinermobile Bites Back With WienerRover

Almost any person in the States has eaten a hot dog at some point in time, and the first brand that should come to mind of Oscar Mayer. Known for their processed meat, this company really got its name out with their meat-inspired transportation vehicle called the Wienermobile.

The very first one was made way back in 1936 by Oscar Mayer’s nephew. Even to this day, certain versions of this classic automobile speak for the meaty company in all its endeavors which you can find by following Oscar Mayer’s twitter. Though you may not be able to buy the specially-made vehicles, Oscar Meyer is creating miniature version of its Wienermobile with the .

This baby will traverse rough landscapes where the standard wiener just can’t go and measures at 43-inches, but the best part is the secret compartment housing your favorite summer food.  You can’t beat this wiener.Oscar Mayer RC Weiner Rover 2

Oscar Mayer RC Weiner Rover 1\Oscar Mayer Weiner RC Car 1

Oscar Mayer Weiner RC Car 2


Source – Gizmodo

Oscar Mayer Weiner Collectibles
Oscar Mayer Weiner Collectibles
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