Ororo Heated Hoodie Keeps You Toasty Warm In Cold Weather Up To 6 Hours

There are times when the temperature gets colder than expected, and when that happens it’s no fun to get caught away from home shivering outside. While hoodies are an excellent choice of clothing when the weather is not too cold, they can’t substitute for a jacket to keep you warm, especially when it get’s colder than you expected.

Here is a special hoodie – the Heated Hoodie, it will keep you toasty warm when the weather ‘goes south’ on you, and you don’t have a jacket. Made from cotton, it sports a waffle weave thermal lining that warms the front and back of the torso for up to 6 hours, using an adjustable heating element that is powered by a long-lasting 4400 mAh battery.

Not only will it keep you warm, when all other hoodies won’t, but it is also stylish and machine washable. Great for contractors who work outdoors, and the hoodies is large enough to accommodate a hard hat.


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Heated Fashionware! Never be cold again.

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