Oreo Chocolate Candy Bars Just Destroyed Our Diets This Year. OMG!

Oreo Chocolate Candy Bars leave us at a bit of a loss. This is gratuitous delectability.

Somebody somewhere in Europe looked contemplatively at a plate of sinfully rich Milka chocolate candy, pondered the classically satisfying Oreo duet of chocolate cookies with light, smooth creme filling, and dared to walk where only stoners would not fear to tread. The sandwich-cookie sandwich was born. Our world was rocked. Lives shifted course that day as gym memberships were forsaken forever.

It finally happened. Somebody actually watched KFC stuff bacon between two pieces of chicken and felt pangs of inspiration.

“You haven’t ‘gone too far’,” somebody assuredly higher than any other human being has been in recorded history likely said. “You didn’t go far enough.”

We aren’t being entirely fair. Irresistibly indulgent as these look, they may just be more aptly compared to a BLT that swaps out bread in favor of more bacon woven into a pair of crispy, greasy sheets.

Some look upon the absurd and ask, “Why?” Give others a joint, and they ask, “We’re hungry and out of Funyons. Why not?”

The Milka Oreo concoction currently comes in two sinful flavors. The big crunch chocolate candy bar, which is our favorite cookie between vanilla cream, smothered in the Milka chocolate. And the other one is virtually the same, but with just less oreos as little bits, which is a sin in itself.

While you probably wont find this in your nearby grocery store, we did managed to find some helpful people selling it on amazon to satisfy our oreo cookie dunkin’ decadent cravings this holiday season.

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A layer of crunchy OREO cookies between 2 layers of rich vanilla creme, coated in European Milka chocolate candy.

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