Onegee Bungee: The World’s Most Durable Adjustable Bungee Cord System That Transforms For Every Situation

There’s an old adage that anything one can’t explain simply is something that isn’t understood very well at all. Something very simple applies to new introduced products: the most successful ones meet an obvious everyday need to which almost any consumer can relate. That’s the most important litmus test the Onegee Bungee passes with flying colors.

The hooks work on both bungee or rope and can stretch from 6″ to an incredible 72″! Simple right???

The Onegee Bungee actually deals with a frustration a few other companies have tackled before it, to only varying degrees of success: replace an ugly tangle of multiple bungee cords of varying sizes with a single device that can adjust to meet any need. Its predecessors often disappoint their users by forcing them to repeat the same process of unwrapping, unlocking, measuring, adjusting, re-locking, and re-wrapping to achieve a snug, secure fit. The solutions often end up being as involved and aggravating as the problem they set out with the best intentions to solve.




Customers want one bungee to replace them all. A number of these all-in-one solutions leave them wondering if they weren’t better off with a crate full of individual cords. The Onegee Bungee’s cinch mechanism locks it into the exact length anybody needs between six inches and six feet instantly in a single simple step. The use of this unique hook design makes it ideal for hunters, campers, hikers, and virtually anyone who has various sized gear that needs to be held down.

An American-made product of a veteran-owned company, the Onegee Bungee’s design takes more into consideration than simplifying resizing with a single product built to perform for any occasion. It’s also an exceptionally strong Marine-grade cord whose reinforced one-piece composite hooks are stronger than traditional metal ones without scratching surfaces or corroding with ongoing use. They also happen to be as versatile as they are rugged, working every bit as well with rope as they do with other bungee cords.

The Onegee Bungee maximizes its easy use by abandoning all moving parts. Its hooks even eliminate frustrating tangled nests of cords with a closed-loop design that nests the hooks inside each other when not in use. The tapered shape of its hooks also perfectly suit them to lock into tarp grommets without slipping an inch. From its materials to its thoughtful design, it’s a standard of quality you can feel from the moment you pick hold the Onegee Bungee in your hand.

The Onegee Bungee is sold in a variety of colors such as Forest Green, Safety Orange, Marine White, and Tactical Black. Additional hooks are also available separately. It’s a durable adjustable bungee system so simple, it’s a cinch.





















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The hooks work on both bungee or rope and can stretch from 6" to an incredible 72"

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