ONE80 Halo Headband Lamp Has 180 Degree Illumination

Everyone knows what its like to be in the dark, unexpectedly, and when that happens people reach for the nearest flashlight. But, you know how limited the light beam of most flash lights is, unless it is a heavy-duty commercial model, it is hard to see much of anything except where you point the flashlight, and a small area around the beam of light.

With ONE80, you will never be trapped in the dark again with limited visibility because this revolutionary headlamp produces light at 180 degrees, which means no more limited light beam from traditional flashlights. And, since it is a headlamp light source that is very light-weight, you don’t need to hold it, which leaves your hands free.

This is great for people who like to play sports or do activities at night or in areas where there is limited or no natural light sources, such as cave exploration. There are countless uses for the ONE80, its ultra light-weight design and 20 LEDs produce illumination at 180 degrees, and it can be charged anywhere using a USB port.

If you want to escape the tunnel vision that traditional flashlight produce, so you can find your way in the dark, then this Halo headband light source will let you see where your going.

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Full peripheral vision. Simulates daylight - eliminates tunnel vision.

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