One-Person Electric Watercraft Trumps Those Dinky Rowboats Even on its Worst Day

In a world of hovercrafts and soon to come flying cars, you may feel like you’re falling back into the stone age with your conventional car as your sole means of transport. Hammacher Schlemmer is taking it upon themselves to get people into modern alternative forms of transport.

Take this one-person electric watercraft for instance. Although it looks simply like a floating hot tub version of a bathtub, this transport device provides easy water-traveling adventures for up to six hours for any individual. This baby’s made with fiberglass tech and is trimmed with mahogany, chromed holdings, and has cup holders for your convenience.

You’ll be steering this device in no time with a thumb-activated throttle. Plug your iPod in for some jams to your adventures or knock a couple back with the built-in cooler while you get a tan. You may not be able to walk on water, but you can sure as hell traverse it!
One-Person Electric Watercraft
Source – Hammacher

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