One-Colored 1000-2000 Piece Puzzles Will Drive You Crazy

Do you look at a puzzle and scoff? “Pphh,” you say, “I could put that together with my eyes closed.” There isn’t a puzzle in the world that can make you stumble. Until now. No matter how good your puzzle skills are, this one will be a challenge. But, if you’re a fan of puzzles and can’t get enough this might be made just for you. (We don’t know anyone else that want’s to try it). In fact, you might even need to be a little crazy to take on this unique challenge. If you aren’t crazy to start you certainly will be afterwards.

We introduce to you… the 1000-2000 piece micro-size piece puzzle. It comes in White and Black . Oh, and every piece is the same color. No pattern, no picture, no nothing, just you and one color. And a pile of pieces that all seem to blend together and look the same. Your head will spin as you try to figure out how the pieces smaller than a coin fit together. With no pattern or picture to guide you, this puzzle will take you a long, long time to guarantee. Maybe you’ll even have a beard by the end.

If you are a fan of challenging puzzles then this is the king of them all. Or, use it as a hilarious gag gift for someone who despises puzzles. The Japanese writing from the manufacturer on the outside of the box will only add to their confusion. If you get a headache or actually lose your mind while trying this, don’t blame us. We warned you. Puzzle at your own risk.

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