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Olde Book Purse Is A Book-Loving Lady’s Best Friend

The Olde Book Purse has to be the gift inspired by the special women in LeVar Burton’s life. Just imagine one of them frantically looking for important personal item while he sits back, all smug-like, and waits for that magic moment.

“LeVar? Honey, have you seen my phone?” his wife would ask.


“Do you know where I left it? Is it over there on the table or…”

“Nope!” he’d mutter through a case of the giggles normally seen only in patients huffing whippets off Joker Venom.

“Then where…Really, LeVar?” she’d ask.”How long have you waited to say it? All day, haven’t you? You hid my phone and made me late just so you…Just get it over with.”

“Take a look! It’s in a book!” he’d sing back with childlike glee. “Oh, and to answer your question: 33 years, Stephanie. Thirty-three years, and it was worth every breath.”

This elegantly quirky faux-leather bag designed to imitate an old leather-bound book also happens to address one of our most deeply held objections to subterfuge in movies: characters gutting perfectly innocent literature for the sake of hiding goods that could be better concealed just about anywhere else.

Really, how clearly do people think this stuff through? That had better be a copy of Stephanie Meyer’s “Breaking Dawn” or E.E. James’s “Fifty Shades Of Grey”, because if it’s something that a self-respecting bookworm would actually be caught dead reading, it would be a matter of time until some indignant prison library patron blurted out, “Who the hell hollowed out ‘Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire’ hide a crack pipe? Really, people. A little respect for J.K. Rowling?”

Fortunately, this bibliophilic beauty’s adjustable strap with a 22-26″ drop detaches easily, in order for the Olde Book Purse to function as a gargantuan clutch or even slip onto a bookshelf for apropos safekeeping.

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When you grew up watching reading rainbow this fashion accessory speaks volumes.

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