Oh, SNAP! Cheese Board Catches Even the Plumpest Furry Rodent

Not everyone can be an expert huntsman, but people have been exterminating rodents like mice for centuries. You’d be surprised to see the earliest models released in 1870. We’ve clearly come a long way since then with jaw and spring-loaded bar mousetraps.

You’d think Tom would’ve tricked Jerry into a mousetrap by now, but clearly the hungry feline hasn’t learned his lesson yet. Whether you can’t afford the famous cartoon brand’s heavy anvils or you just have a taste for cheese, Fred and Friends has created their Oh, Snap! Cheese board to honor ACME’s legacy while serving some utility in your kitchen.

We don’t recommend using this as an actual mousetrap. If you have mice of THAT size, you’re gonna need some serious firepower.

Oh, SNAP Cheese Board 3Oh, SNAP Cheese Board 2Oh, SNAP Cheese Board 1[offer_product]

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