Official Tobin’s Spirit Guide Chronicles Every Scrap Of Ghostbusters Lore, From Spirits, Specters, Demons, & Ghouls

To your average a civilian, a ghost is a ghost. If your stock in trade happens to entail ridding the living of paranormal nuisances one entity at a time, you can’t afford to be so blasé. For the seasoned experts who know their Class-5 free roaming vapors from their giant sloars, the Official Ghostbusters Edition of “Tobin’s Spirit Guide” co-authored by Ray Stantz and Egon Spengler is the quintessential fully illustrated encyclopedia of ghosts and ghouls for every practical supernatural extermination need.

This thorough in-world lexicon is the first book of its kind to dive even deeper than the original 1984 cult classic “Ghostbusters,” its 1989 follow up “Ghostbusters II” and even the polarizing 2016 reboot to detail every spirit, specter, demon, monster, and supernatural event that the Ghostbusters have researched, referenced, and crossed streams with from the franchise’s most obscure lore to animated series, comics, and video games beyond and in between all three films. If it goes bump in the night, terrorizes luxury hotels, manifests from a certain co-author’s thoughts to terrorize Manhattan in all its marshmallow man fluffy glory, or emerges from a painting to possess an infant and rule the world, you’ll find everything you could ever want to know about it here.

No single book has ever lovingly mapped every grain of both the theatrical Ghostbusters movies and the substantial expanded universe. Even better, every detailed factoid is laid out convincingly in the style of an actual compendium to which Stantz and Spengler would have proudly committed their names.

Hell, why wait for Christmas? With Halloween right around the corner and the first new cinematic entry in 17 years having already added a fresh dimension to the franchise, “Tobin’s Spirit Guide” is an essential unique gift tailor-made to feel like a genuine artifact pulled straight out of a Ghostbuster’s own hands.

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From Class 5 Free-Roaming Vapors to giant Sloars, You'll Know Your Ghosts

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