Off With Their Heads! Medieval Cheese Board Serves Up Fine Feudal Fromage

There is only one law that really matters in our eyes: he who wields the ax, cuts the cheese, period. This Medieval Cheese Board slices right to the heart of that conviction in Gouda-’nuff fashion to liven up our day whenever we’re Bleu.

Break out this shield-shaped rubberwood chopping board whenever and wherever a get together could do with a touch of Middle Ages regality. The 420 stainless steel blades on the business ends of the spear and raclette of battle axes are fine matches to their beechwood handles. In their snugly fitted stand, your armaments de fromage will ever stand proudly at your command for entertainment with a feudal flavor.

Whether you present your guests with the softer cheeses favored in medieval times or a selection of semi-soft and hard varieties alongside bread, crackers and fruit, this cheese board excellently executes an undeniable chivalrous courtesy.

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