32 Oddly Similar Pictures Are Just Too Close To Be A Coincidence

Ever find it funny how certain things resemble one another? Like one of those paintings with multiple hidden faces inside them? Natural optical illusions can make your head spin like the Old Man in the Mountain in New Hampshire or the Badlands Guardian, and that’s not counting the weird nearly identical clones of us that are rumored to be out there.Whatever your preference may be, these strange resemblances may have you doing a double take.

Were you a fan of N Sync? You may be more mesmerized by JT’s alter ego from generations past than the pop star sensation. Obsessed with Brad Pitt? Apparently he’s been around more than once in the past few centuries! Whether you truly believe Michael Sera was a woman in a previous life or not, these similarities are way too close to be just a coincidence, right?

Source – Viral Nova
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