Obvious Plant’s Prank Posters Give A Little Surprise Mischief Thanks To Jeff Wysaski

Any prank can get under someone’s skin. A great prank gets marks laughing right along at themselves. They’ve got spirit, but it’s rarely ever exactly “mean.”

Jeff “Obvious Plant” Wysaski, we salute you and your new book, “High Five This Sign,” for embracing the kinder side of that border between being amusing and being an asshole. These 23 perforated 8″ x 10-1/4″ posters tear cleanly out of the book for you to either hang immediately in your neighborhood or perhaps photocopy to spread your prank’s scope.

After all, the world is a magical place that we all sometimes take exponentially more seriously than it ever deserves. Remind the strangers around you that it’s OK to have a little fun being “had” every now and then.


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Hang them around your neighborhood to make the world less serious

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