Obsessive Chef Cutting Board Provides Precise Measurements For Your OCD Cooking

No, Rachael Ray. Walk on past us. When we command the kitchen, there ARE no “ten-minute meals” to be had.

Ask one-inch potato cubes of us, and we will carve those spuds with such precision, you’ll swear that a surgical laser cut each and every starchy morsel. Unfortunately, eyeballing such exact slices means days of prep for even the most rudimentary casserole. We’ve served up celebratory graduation brunches that started out as Sweet Sixteen dinners.

Lucky for us, Fred & Friends has felt our pain and introduced The Obsessive Chef 9×12″ Bamboo Cutting Board. There’s no using this essential kitchen tool without being impressed at just how neatly it lays out numerous burnished guide lines in varying grid sizes and angles. With layouts geared toward medium and small dices, batonnet, allumette, julienne, fine julienne, brunoise, and fine brunoise cuts, it’s a breakthrough implement that can make a deft knife-wielder of the clumsiest novice.

The Obsessive Chef Bamboo Cutting Board may also end up outliving even your sturdiest culinary tools. It’s designed and durably manufactured for easy cleaning from environmentally sustainable bamboo for effortless handling over a long, strong life of service.

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Create a surgical laser cut for each and every morsel

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