The O Tab Turns Your Dumb Stuff Smart w/ Nudging Reminders So You’ll Never Forget

Sometimes things get misplaced or forgotten, stuff like mobile phones, jackets, backpacks, books, laptops, wallets, and many other personal items. Misplacing or forgetting personal items can make a person seriously stressed and worried, and if you’ve ever lost a new jacket, backpack, wallet or phone, then you know how it feels?

Well, now, with the ‘O’ tab, you never have to feel sick to your stomach about losing anything ever again because by placing one of these little tracking devices on any personal item you can’t afford to lose, nothing will get left behind when it’s time to leave.

Trips to the beach, camping or any social event, never have to worry about losing your stuff again. All you have to do is attach an O tab to an important item you can’t afford to lose, and it will make ‘smart’.

It does this by creating an invisible leash attach to your smartphone, with an app that warns you when the ‘O’ tab attach to one of your things gets a certain distance away from you, important things you just can’t live without, such as a diaper bag, suitcase, or wallet.

With an O Tab, never lose anything important again.


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