Nyan Cat Cookie Cutter Spreads Delicious, Adorable Rainbow Love For The Nerdiest Holiday Ever

Memes are to nerds what the English language is to the British: others may adopt and adapt them, but they will always be closest to our hearts, both as our shorthand and our mother tongue. Along those lines, invoking Nyan Cat would be akin to crossing the pond and spontaneously quoting Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, or Monty Python.

It’s a bit of a dusty old classic, but throwing it out there definitely speaks to a kind of kinship. We’re a “tribal” bunch that way.

Let’s just extend that even farther: present us with Nyan Cat cookies, and you might as well be saluting our flag while performing one of the songs of our people in perfect harmony. After all, you will blended memes, cats, and cookies. Our children will sing songs of your generosity.

These individually 3D-printed Nyan Cat Cookie Cutters immaculately recreate this catchy, ridiculously joyful explosion of all that is cute and geeky in a two-step process. First, use the pink outer stamper to slice out the main shape. Next, apply the grey stamper to add Nyan Cat’s signature details, from Pop Tart to rainbow tail. Feel free to either leave them au naturel and unfrosted or let the stamper lines be your guide to adding some frosted accents. In a pinch, Nyan Cat also makes an excellent fondant press.

Don’t fret if the standard design isn’t exactly what you had in mind, either. Contact Etsy’s Crimson Mane Creations directly to discuss custom alterations for a unique size or color.




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The meme that never dies

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