Nvidia Shield Combines All Your Entertainment Habits Inside Your TV

You have one of the biggest LED HDTVs  yet there is never anything good on to watch. Is the plethora of trash TV getting you down? Tired of switching between your gaming consoles and the Real Housewives? Toss your old ideas about TV out the window, because it’s time to start playing your TV instead of just watching it.Nvidia Shield is a new service that transforms your dull TV into a completely new experience that is seamless and interactive. This service is powered by the newest tech and apps and still plays your favorite shows and movies in 4k definition. At the touch of a button, toggle between TV, Movies, your music playlists, and your favorite games.

Though it may look like a slimmed-down version of an X-Box, The Nvidia Shield is definitely not the same thing. So whip out that Shield remote, vertical stand, and controller and cater that inner child of yours dying to get out.

Nvidia Shield 1 Nvidia Shield 8 Nvidia Shield 6 Nvidia Shield 5 Nvidia Shield 4 Nvidia Shield 3 Nvidia Shield 2

Source – Nvidia
Nvidia Shield
Nvidia Shield
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