Nucleus Anywhere Smart Intercom Connects The Entire Family – Has Alexa Too!

Today’s families are connecting in more ways than ever before, through smartphones, computers, and electronic devices, they can connect online and access the internet. Although people are using social sites like Facebook, to stay in contact with one another, it is not private or personal like a modern home communication system, such as Nucleus.

Simply, this an effective intercom system that you can easily connect to any mobile app, anywhere. Basically, it is a tablet-sized screen that lets you talk to anyone in the house, wherever they are.

You can leave a message for a specific family member, or just let everyone in the house know that it is time to eat, or get ready for school. You can even check the rooms where there is a Nucleus screen, when you’re not at home, using your smartphone.

It is a busy world, and staying connected to the most important people – family, is what Nucleus is all about. Make room to room video calls, smartphone to home video calls, it is a great way to get your family’s attention and to encourage communication at home.

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Nucleus allows you to call one room in particular, or every room at once.

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