Now Anyone Can Have Super Powered Night-Vision. No Really!

‘Biohacking’ is an underground movement that is concerned with the process of upgrading the human condition using hacked together technology. In other words its DIY transhumanism, kind of like Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Already biohackers could give themselves magnetic fingers and now it seems you can hack your eyesight to achieve perfect night vision too. Which is pretty cool…

The experiment was conducted by a group called ‘Science for the Masses’ and involved using a drop of Chlorin e6 (found in deep-sea fish) added to the eyes with a pipette. Specifically they used 50 microliters of the substance into one of their eyes (the test subject was a guy called Licina) while the speculum was stretched aiming for the conjunctival sac which carries chemicals to the retina.

Licina reported that at first he experienced a ‘greenish-black blur’ across his vision which quickly dissipated. Within an hour he was able to see shapes up to 10 meters away around the size of a hand across a dark park. He could even spot people hiding in the woods at 50 meters. He also got cool, black looking eyes. After a while the effect wears off.

Inject Eyes With Nighvision

Injecting Night Vision

SuperHuman Vision

Source – MIC via ScienceForTheMasses

Night Vision Goggles
Night Vision Goggles
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