Novi Smoke Detector Hidden Camera Does The Unexpected

With our measly paychecks, the last thing we feel is secure. Regardless of that, we still want our home to feel secure in itself. People have relied on Smoke Alarms and Pricey Home Security systems for decades, but smoke alarms can malfunction and do you really enjoy random calls from your security provider to tell them yet again no strangers are in your house?

A recent development called the Novi Security system hidden camera combines your standard smoke alarm with security elements, creating a new level of stability for homeowners. Its a 4-in-1 Security System. The base station looks similar to a smoke alarm and sticks to the ceiling just the same, but the monitor is equipped with a hidden night vision HD camera and motion detector along with a smoke detector.

Simply sync it up to your phone and you’ll receive alerts on the companion app whenever something’s amiss and view the live video right on your phone.

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