Notebook HD Hidden Camera Secretly Spies While You Pretend To Write Down Notes In The Dark

This HD Hidden Notebook Camera with night vision has a stranglehold on the Undisputed Intergalactic Hide-and-Seek Championship. Seriously. If it were a small child, we would just quit looking fairly quickly.

The very best covert surveillance devices carry out their duties nestled within otherwise perfectly innocuous, functional objects without any bystander being the wiser. That is certainly the utmost beauty of this little discreet 15-ounce watchful eye: it may be small enough to fit inside an ordinary three-ring notebook’s spine without a single detail looking amiss to the naked eye, but the hardware captures crystal-clear 1080 x 720p color HD video and accompanying audio at 30fps up to 15 feet away even in low light or complete darkness and activates based on motion detected at a minimum 60-degree angle up to 25 feet away with only a 1.8-second delay. As a bonus, you just happen to also have a convenient place to neatly gather recipes, important business documents and any other papers you could want to keep readily organized to review at a glance.

If there’s a minor downside, it might be that the battery takes 20 hours to build up a full charge via USB connection. Even then, keep in mind that it can survive two years in standby and power up to 30 hours of shooting in ordinary visibility or nine hours of capturing footage in its night vision’s supremely crisp black and white. The 16GB of included storage expands easily with the addition of a 32GB SD card and the option to overwrite the oldest stored data instead of stopping recording when the memory is maxed out.

Simply sliding the power button will start recording with no telltale red lights to alert subjects to the camera’s gaze. All data saves stamped with the exact time and date of the recording in two-minute intervals. When you need to transfer footage, plug a USB cable into your computer. Right out of the box, not many cameras come easier to use straight out of the box.

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Surveillance doesn't get any more covert than this

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