Nostalgia INF300 Stackable Drink Infuser Slowly Blends Refreshing, Flavorful Beverages

The all-in-one Nostalgia INF300 Stainless Steel Electric Infuser dramatically carves down the time and patience taxed by concocting delicious infused water, liquors, and cocktails to leave you with nothing but flavor to savor.

Infusing beverages is ordinarily a waiting game of simple preparation followed by resigned waiting. You add desired ingredients to your drink of choice, store it typically in either a refrigerator or some set-aside dry storage, and go about your business while its taste transforms. Unless you have a maddening jones for cannabis-infused vodka this very instant and just might set fire to a baby if you can’t turn a Bloody Mary into a toe-curling drinkable BLT in the next few hours, that’s ordinarily well and good.

However, haven’t you ever planned a get-together on short notice and wanted to wow your guests with a few elaborately enriched libations, but resigned yourself to lacking the time it takes to brew such tasty refreshments “just so?” Perhaps in an attractively illuminated setting where a trio of beverages could gradually mix a gallon apiece all at once before your very eyes and dispense instantly?

Yep. There’s a gadget for that.

Stir It Up

You and yours deserve to enjoy your drink’s taste without an array of unpleasant chunks, pulp, fibers, and the like intruding. The ingenious filtered infusion chamber neatly separates herbs and spices from your mixture but allows their distinctive tastes to blend smoothly as needed. Each stackable gallon-sized chamber’s rotating paddle speeds along the infusion process by stirring the ingredients continuously. For a touch of added panache particularly well-suited to moonlit outdoor get-togethers, light up the stainless steel LED base to highlight your drinkable treats as a featured attraction.

When your enticing liquid refreshments have thoroughly absorbed their flavorings to taste, pour when ready using the convenient chrome-plated spigots. The included snap-on storage lids allow both the option of unstacking all three chambers for side-by-side presentation and easy refrigerated storage for later enjoyment.

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