Nomad Wallet Battery For iPhone GIves You Extra Power In Your Pocket

It can more difficult to buy a gift for a man than it is a woman, its true. Men want ‘stuff’ they use regularly, that is what is important to them, like a good wallet, or a portable power source for their smartphones or mobile devices. What if you could give that special man in your life a wallet that also had a power source integrated into it? That would be an awesome gift to give any guy.

The Nomad Wallet for iPhones is here, it is in every way a high-quality classic designed wallet, with a high-powered, high-density battery. Controlled by a microprocessor, the small battery packs a huge jolt of 2400mAh that can charge a iPhone 6 faster than just plugging it into any USB port.

You would think such a wallet is bulky, but it isn’t at all, because the miniature sized battery is cleverly embedded into the spine of the wallet. Today, everyone needs extra power for there iPhones, making the Nomad battery wallet for iPhones a great gift idea for men of all ages. And, you know it is a good product, when it’s certified by Apple.

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Double your battery life with what's already in your pocket

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