Nokia Steel HR Activity Tracker Watch Starts Your Healthy New Year Right



Being healthy this year is a goal of mine. The slow climb of gaining over 50 pounds in the past decade has finally taken its toll. Far too long have I made excuses regarding getting started, and not having enough time in the day to do so. It’s one of the reasons I was so excited when Nokia asked me to review this stylish activity tracking watch that looks classy without being over-the-top gadgety. In fact, until you press the button on side to show the display, you probably wouldn’t even know it had healthy tech inside that looks great on both men and women. I simply love it.

The base model of the Nokia Steel HR watch is a 36mm black or white faced, that comes with an extremely comfortable silicone strap. You do have the option of choosing countless other strap options in 12 various styles such as leather, woven or silicone plus a case that comes in black, white or pinkish-gold in either 36mm or 40mm. For this review, I chose the 36mm black face with black silicone.

As expected, the Nokia Steel HR watch comes with a charging cable that your watch can easily rest on top of to be fully charged every 25 days. Out of the box, it’s already mostly charged, so there was no need to wait to use it. After downloading the Nokia Health Mate software to my iPhone (which also works with Android), the setup was a breeze. Super easy. As soon as you press the button, with the app open, the bluetooth recognizes your phone instantly which takes you through the remainder of the setup in a few clicks. Once connected, you don’t ever have to think about it ever again. This activity tracker will automatically know each time you do any activity….even sleeping! You can walk, run, play sports which, yes, includes swimming because it’s completely water resistant up to 50m (165 feet deep). Except for charging every month, you really never need to take this off, except maybe when tanning so you don’t end up with stripes on your wrist. I just love the discreet little screen that is virtually invisible when its not active. The screen is just big enough to give you various smartphone notifications such as phone calls or text message alerts so you’ll know who it is before scrambling to take your phone out of your backpack or pocketbook.

The free Health Mate app allows you to set reasonable goals that fit within your lifestyle. You can even challenge your friends and family with some healthy competition by linking them to you. 24 hours a day, all your activity will be tracked that is such a pleasure to see progress over the past days, weeks and months that is a little reminder of where you stand…or run for that matter. The Nokia Steel HR Activity Tracker Watch will record things like heart rate BPM, steps taken, the distance travelled and even calories burned.It can even keep track of your actual sleep cycles, letting you know if you had a light or deep sleep the night before, and even sleep interruptions that way you’ll have a better idea of why you needed that extra cup of coffee in the morning.

At the time of this writing, I only had a couple of days to play around with the watch, but I can already tell that this is going to be a great addition to my wardrobe, and more important my new healthy life for the new year. The watch looks fantastic with virtually everything I wear. In fact, it’s so versatile that either myself or my wife could wear it, and it would look natural since the black on black is gender neutral. Over the next few months I look forward to taking more control of my lifestyle and incorporating this new health tracking watch into my daily routine as a continuous way to keep my health in check, and set the right fitness goals to having a more active lifestyle and positive overall wellness with making the right eating choices as well.

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Modern Style For A Healthy New Year

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