Nokia Ozo Virtual Reality Camera Films In 360 Degrees

Life Gets Real with Nokia’s New Virtual Reality Camera

The new age of film making is here; and suddenly, the virtual reality worlds we’ve become mesmerized by don’t seem as far off as we thought!

With an impressive, light-weight design, Nokia has developed a cantaloupe shaped camera that captures 360 degrees of the world around us. It’s called Ozo and it can capture stereoscopic 3D video through eight camera lenses, positioned an eye width apart, as well as real time spatial audio through eight integrated microphones. Ozo is able to string together images similar to a panoramic camera, without the annoyance of trying to precisely piece together each image, with the use of simple software.

This could be an amazing device for anyone looking to create their own virtual reality in anticipation for VR style gaming! Let’s just hope we don’t get trapped those worlds too.

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