NIXIE Tube Watch Is A Gorgeously Retro Way To Savor Passing Time

With age, comes the gift of seeing the passage of time from a different perspective. Of course, if you find yourself feeling every day of your years and noting that this sort of enlightenment still hasn’t quite sunk in, the NIXIE Tube Clock Watch offers a whole new way to open your eyes.

If $710.11 seems like a steep cost, consider that it includes some superb materials:

  • Choice of stainless steel or calfskin strap
  • Handcrafted wood USB charging dock with brass base
  • An individually milled body comprised of only three ergal 7075 aluminum and brass pieces.
  • Electronics consisting of the atmega8a controller and two Nixie indicators

Pressing the right-side button or adjusting the accelerometer to the hand’s desired position displays the time within its vacuum tubes, when it doesn’t appear automatically before each hour and three seconds after each minute. Pressing its other two buttons will display the current battery charge as a percentage and display the ticking seconds.

The NIXIE Tube Clock Watch offers 2-3 weeks of battery life in Accelerometer Mode or more than a month with manual ignition mode. Its additional settings allow for altering the LED luminosity or turning the light off entirely and manipulating its time correction. It’s a stunning individually unique accessory that’s as much a distinctively ingenious timepiece as it is a vintage steampunk work of art.





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