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Nite Ize SlapLit Fights Glorious ’90s Fashion For Practical Night Safety

The “slap it to snap it” mechanism that fed a generation’s infatuation with slap bracelets, one of the rare fashion accessories arguably more amusing just to put on than to wear, has finally found a safety-minded use.

The SlapLit LED Slap Wrap adds a single element that will have you all flipping tables and fingers with neglected rage when you ponder why no one thought to truly perfect the slap braclet with it more than 20 years ago: these reflective spider-web-designed bracelets feature a bright-red, neon pink or neon yellow LED illuminating the full wrap.

Its included single replaceable 2032 3V lithium coin cell included packs up to 100 hours of lighting up your ’90s-mourning life. The SlapLit wears comfortable on the wrist, ankle, upper arm – really, just about anything roughly tubular-shaped that could do with some extra nighttime visibility. Being made of nylon tougher than eighth-grade math and lightweight as your cute neighbor that sat behind you in Algebra after half a wine cooler, it’s a great fit for any outdoor activity after dark.

Go ahead. Insert Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wow right about here. It’s reusable, easy to wear, tough to bust, just like your favorite JNCO jeans, minus the capacity to hide an NFL lineman inside one of the legs.SLAPLIT LED SLAP WRAP LED Bracelet-8SLAPLIT LED SLAP WRAP LED Bracelet-9SLAPLIT LED SLAP WRAP LED Bracelet-2SLAPLIT LED SLAP WRAP LED Bracelet-6SLAPLIT LED SLAP WRAP LED Bracelet-7SLAPLIT LED SLAP WRAP LED Bracelet-10SLAPLIT LED SLAP WRAP LED Bracelet-4SLAPLIT LED SLAP WRAP LED Bracelet-11SLAPLIT LED SLAP WRAP LED Bracelet-5SLAPLIT LED SLAP WRAP LED Bracelet-12SLAPLIT LED SLAP WRAP LED Bracelet-1



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