Ninja Star Coat Hook is the Most Awesome Way to Hang Up Your Coat

Truly awesome people understand that everything they do should be truly awesome. It’s not enough to be truly awesome the way you walk for instance, you need to make sure that you inject some ‘true awesomeness’ into things like washing your hands and eating a sandwich.

With this ninja star coat hook you can make hanging your coat up look awesome. It’s a coat hook that attaches to the wall see, except it looks like a throwing star that has been stuck in the side of the wall. This is as cool as hanging a coat can get, until you learn to actually throw ninja stars at people to remove their coats and pin them to your walls. Except that would ruin their coats and your walls.

Each one of these are made from nickel plated zinc and are easy to insert into any wall. While the edges look sharp, they are coat and flesh friendly.


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