Ninja Knife Block Cutlery Slices Stealthily Through Bread, Meat & Veggies

Your kitchen is a temple of great honor. May your blades be swift, whether dicing chicken or slicing a sandwich. May your cuts always be smooth as a windless lake and may your chopping hand remain strong as a dragon’s maw. Should the worst befall you and your own steel spill your blood, may you never dishonor your ancestors by crying like a pansy child.

If you cannot wield these three sleek blades with a shadowy assassin’s precision, at least this Ninja Knife Block will guard its bread, utility and chef’s knives as a proud shinobi would his own Samurai weaponry. The block itself is made from an extra-tough washable plastic and designed to look incredibly cool in any kitchen. Whether steak or sashimi, baguettes or bell peppers, no cuisine shuns the embrace of this fine, deadly cutlery.

The ninja shaped block comes with 3 masterful knives shaped just like a samurai sword. A utility, bread and chef knife all designed to make your kitchen missions glide with ease.

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Bring the spirit of the ninja into your cooking

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