Ninja Garden Gnome Is Your Stealthy Garden Assassin

It’s interesting to think what a ‘ninja garden’ itself might be too. Perhaps you could have beams to run along and ninja stars fired at you by killer garden squirrels to dodge…

Big Mouth Toys are responsible for a number of different gnomes that seem to exist pretty much entirely for the pun. We’ve had ‘Game of Gnomes’ and now we have ‘Ninja Garden Gnome‘. Which presumable is a play on ‘Ninja Gaiden’.

Has gnomebody told Big Mouth Toys that not that the most recent installments of the Ninja Gaiden series weren’t that good? Who cares…the fact is ninjas are cool, and ninjas never die. Now you can have one to protect your garden from the nefarious squirrels and other critters that are stalking your garden, destroying the flowers and vegetables. Much better than having a scarecrow for sure.

To be fair, it’s entirely possible that the manufacturers never intended for the ‘Ninja Gaiden’ reference. In which case you just have a cool gnome wielding a spade like a Katana. If you’re bored of those fishing gnomes, this will mix up things a little in your back yard. He looks particularly good when placed just behind a quietly fishing gnome as though about to take their head off. He can also be stood down some steps from Game of Gnomes gnome as though he’s challenging his master.

Oh the fun you can have…

There’s no business like gnome business…


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