Nike Wing Sunglasses Are For Elite Athletes At $1200 Each

Everything produced by Nike is trendy, especially these new shades, the Nike Wing. Nike has always broken from traditional standards to produce not only innovative and stylish shoes designs, but sport sunglasses and many other sports related products the world has come to value.

This pair of sunglasses, with its aerodynamic and futuristic design, definitely bends the standard characteristics of traditional sunglasses. While there are ‘many’ sports sunglasses that are lightweight, comfortable and aerodynamic, Nike has created this pair to meet the special needs of elite athletes.

These only weigh 26 grams, and with their extreme light-weight, you can easily forget that you are wearing them. Not only is the Nike Wing one of the lightest sports sunglasses in the world, but arguably the most comfortable with fewer contact points on the face. It is an innovative curve design that effectively ventilates the face and hinders fogging naturally.

If you are a serious athlete, or you just aspire to be the best, then reach out and grab the sports sunglasses of the elite – Nike Wing.

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